Thursday, July 27, 2017

A Little on Business Marketing: 11 ways to make promo items work harder (Part I)

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For years Your Minuteman has been helping small business owners put their names and logos on items such as calendars, notepads, ballpoint pens and key tags for customers and prospects. Not intended simply as an act of business generosity, this is promotional products advertising to be exact.

The problem is that many small business owners don't know the fine points of the promo item form of advertising and don't maximize the advantages it offers. Here are the first five of the 11 ideas for using promos:

1. Establish Employee Incentive Programs
Salespeople like commissions, but thrive on recognition. Certificates and plaques are yesterday’s news, though my business still does plenty of them. Today you can affordably offer sales stars everything from customized apparel to display pieces (crystal is always popular). Incentive awards can backfire if they're cheaply done... a bigger investment almost always is paid back in loyalty, or more sales.

2. New Prospect Gifts
Combining marketing literature -- like a capabilities brochure -- with promotional products is one of the surest ways to make a good impression on prospective customers. It's difficult to get in front of a person even once, so make sure they remember your name/website/phone. Make a good impact with a useful item and your promo products can pave the way for productive follow-up contact and a better sales conversion rate.

3. Use Promotional Products to Launch New Products or Services
It’s important to make the launch of any new product or service memorable. In a good way. If possible choose an item or a graphic on the item to point out your new offering's unique features or demonstrate its benefits.

4. Promo Items Increase Expo/Trade Show Traffic
Trade shows are ideal venues for making a big impact. But don’t wait until the week before the show before thinking about what kind of trade show promotional items to distribute. Instead, count on the turnaround times mentioned earlier.

5. Reach Out to Inactive Accounts
If you have lost customers or there's been a lull between orders, promotional marketing products are an excellent way to re-establish contact, rekindle that relationship, and bring your company top-of-mind once again. They won't repair ill will, if there is any, but it might also be a door-opener for a conversation about how/why the client lost touch.

Look for Part II and the rest of the top 11.

Photo by Inokentii Rybtsov , used with permission.