Wednesday, August 9, 2017

A Little on Business Marketing: 11 ways to make promo items work harder (Part II)

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Part I of this two-part Little Hacks' article covered five of the 11… and by no means are any of them the #1. Numero Uno is what works best for your business, but I find the 11th tip, at the bottom of this article, to be among the can't-miss opportunities to use promotional items. So, picking up where we left off:

6. Being a Good Corporate Citizen
Active company involvement in your community is more than just good citizenship — it’s good business. In sponsoring charitable events or promoting worthy causes as mentioned elsewhere in Little Hacks, you also have a chance to spread your logo on a memorable item.

7. Repair Service Lapses
Promotional products are also invaluable in repairing the service shortcomings that sometimes occur in spite of our best efforts. Giving a valued customer a gift is a terrific way to build bridges, make amends and reassure the customer that they are always right — and always wanted.

8. Stay in Front of Your Customer
Out of sight, out of mind — it’s an old saying, but it’s especially true about customer relations. Even if your customers average only one transaction with you a quarter, it’s important that you keep your name in front of them on a regular basis. With over a million items on which we can imprint your logo, you can find new and innovative ways to remind your customers about the value you provide, encouraging repeat business and referrals. And who doesn’t like to get gifts?

9. Promote Employee Safety
Insurance premiums for companies with high accident and injury rates are soaring. Add to that lost time, increased inefficiency, attorney fees, and equipment repair/replacement expenses. Prevention is On Fleek: Remind staff of that with a lasting promo item or one that is everywhere in the office (pens, mugs, mousepads, etc.)

10. Promote Landmarks and Milestones
Don’t let opportunities for publicity and exposure pass you pay. Celebrate, commemorate and promote events like: Company anniversaries ('Our 50th year'); Your 1,000,000th product shipped; Being named to a local 'Best Of' list. Public relations pros are quick to dash out press releases for these milestones, but your promo can have more lasting impact than a single news article or headline.

11. Company Name or Product Change
Change can be confusing — even traumatic — for customers. Promotional products can help reassure them that while your company or product name may change, your commitment to their satisfaction remains the same. A promotional products campaign can also help you educate customers about the benefits of your new and improved product. Every business doing a name or address or logo change on the letterhead, should roll out the change with a promo item.

Photo by Inokentii Rybtsov , used with permission.
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